Hiraeth for Autism

This is a beautiful piece for a beautiful word. It’s very insightful as to how it feels when you find your People.

Autism and Expectations

Hiraeth pronunciation:-

Hi – The Hi from Hiccup

Rae – pronounced the same as the wry of a wry smile (if you pronounce wry with a rolled ‘R’, but let’s not overcomplicate)

Th – The Th from Think

Hiraeth is an untranslatable Welsh word. It’s often described as homesickness or a sort of nostalgia, but these translations don’t touch on the strength of the feeling.

Hiraeth is a deep longing for somewhere. It is that pull within your chest for a space where you belong. It’s that feeling you get when you smell the scent of home, or when the wind ripples through the grass in the right way.

When I lived in England for more than a decade, I would feel Hiraeth for home. Crossing the Severn bridge would begin to alleviate it. The further I travelled through the hills, over and under the rolling valleys, the further I…

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